​Each month results of the Mixed Topic Surveys are shared on the City of Edmonton's Open Data Portal (https://data.edmonton.ca/). No open comments are available as they may be personally identifiable.

To view, simply choose the 'catalogue' tile and use the search (for example, June 2017 Mixed Topic) or navigate through to find the latest mixed topic results. There is a 45 day lag time from the end of the survey period to when it is uploaded to the Open Data catalogue.

Current City Surveys
In addition to the Edmonton Insight Community surveys, the City of Edmonton uses a range of survey tools and approaches to gather input from Edmontonians.

To view and complete these surveys as they appear please visit and bookmark: Edmonton.ca/Surveys

For those of you who want to share the Mixed Topic or any other survey we are running, simply send others to Edmonton.ca/Surveys and choose the survey to complete. We'd love to hear from them.

Upcoming Events

Check the Public Engagement Calendar for various public engagement events happening around the city.

Communications and Engagement Calendar

Upcoming Surveys

• Edmonton Police Service Citizen Survey - March 12, 2018
• March Mixed Topic - March 20, 2018
• Lewis Farms Recreation Facility Survey - March 27, 2018

Thank you!