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Election and the Insight Community

Thank you very much for being a member of the Edmonton Insight Community and for your interest in City of Edmonton issues. We want to remind you that the Insight Community will be taking a break during July, August, September and October out of respect for the municipal election campaign which ends with the election on October 16, 2017. During this period you will still receive our monthly newsletter "Insight In Action", but you will not receive any new surveys to complete. We will resume sending out surveys in November.

You may be wondering why we are taking a break for the election. Isn't an election campaign the perfect time to engage people on the issues? Yes, but the Insight Community is a tool of City administration and during an election we do our best to steer clear of the issues so they can be debated by candidates and citizens as part of the election process.. This includes both the current Mayor and Councillors, as well as those newcomers seeking office. We want to ensure a level playing field for all.

Thank you for being an Insight Community member and for helping to build an even better City!

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the City's public engagement, please email us at publicengagement@edmonton.ca

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