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Workshop Invite
Join us for a half-day workshop to share your insights and expertise in community leadership in Edmonton. 

Join other leaders and share your ideas on:
- How and where does community leadership occur?
- How can we best support and strengthen community leadership?  
- Where are the greatest opportunities for action, innovation?
A Community Engagement Mapping prototype tool has been developed as part of the work of the Community Leadership Working Group of the City of Edmonton's Council Initiative on Public Engagement.  Your insights in this workshop will help refine the mapping prototype tool and help shape recommendations for supporting community leadership in Edmonton.
Where/When: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm (dinner provided)
Location: River Valley Room, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
For more information about the Community Engagement Map please contact either:
John Simmons, Community Leadership working group chair, at john.simmons@edmonton.ca
Kyra Brown, Community Leadership working group co-chair, at kyra.lee04@gmail.com

Insight in Action
Building Great Neighbourhoods Handbook

Thank you to the Insight Edmonton Community members who took part in the Building Great Neighbourhoods Handbook survey back in July. We were very pleased to find that the vast majority of respondents found the handbook to be a valuable and informative document. Based on the feedback you gave in the survey, we have made revisions to the handbook to better serve the needs of Edmontonians undergoing neighbourhood renewal. A few of the changes made in response to your feedback are:

  • Added page specific web links, where appropriate, to the top of the page – many respondents wanted to know where to find the information online and didn’t want to have to search through the text to find the specific link
  • Removed the ‘Know Your Roads’ page – determined to be unnecessary information
  • Increased the font size – to aid easy of reading
  • Added a  visual of “project areas” for local improvements – this term caused confusion but must be used for the process
  • Changed the page layout and added information to make a clearer distinction between what is included in Sidewalk Reconstruction vs. Sidewalk Maintenance – it was previously unclear what Sidewalk Maintenance included and how it differed from Sidewalk Reconstruction
  • Changed the page layout and added some information to make the Petitioning Against process for each local improvement clearer – the process was found to be unclear and difficult to locate in each section

We invite you to take a look through the revised Building Great Neighbourhoods Handbook online.

Contact: buildinggreatneighbourhoods@edmonton.ca

Current City Surveys

In addition to the Edmonton Insight Community surveys, the City of Edmonton uses a range of survey tools and approaches to gather input from Edmontonians. To view and complete these surveys as they appear please visit and bookmark: Edmonton.ca/Surveys

Upcoming Surveys:

• Summer Roadway Maintenance - Week of Oct 3
• October
Mixed Topic Survey - Week of October 11
• Recreation Facilities Master Plan - Week of October 24

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