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Traffic Safety App

"We would like to express our gratitude to you for spending the time and participating in the Traffic Safety App Smart Travel Pre-Launch Test. The survey has closed, and we have received valuable feedback and suggestions from the 101 participants who completed the survey. Almost every participant agrees that it is important to reduce collisions. The survey also showed that 47% of participants agreed (somewhat agreed or strongly agreed) that the information provided in the app is useful, 34% agreed that this app reminds them to pay more attention while driving, and 37% agreed that they will continue to use this app. We will now be focusing on what is required to improve the app, which we believe will result in substantial road safety benefits to our citizens. We will ensure that critical functionalities and feedback are well implemented before releasing the app to the public
Thank you again, and we wish you a great and safe day!"

- Stevanus Tjandra, Ph.D.,  Senior Traffic Safety Analytical Coordinator

Update to Development Notification Letters

Due in part to the input of Insight Community members, the City of Edmonton started sending out plain-language development permit notification letters on October 20, 2015.

The notification letters have been the subject of two public surveys, with the City incorporating the feedback to ensure the letters are clear and understandable. These letters, which are legal requirements, are used to inform residents of nearby proposed developments, provide information on the appeal process and provide a City contact for more information.

The notification letter update is part of Action 19 in the Infill Roadmap. 

Visit the website for an example of the updated notification letter.

Current City Surveys

In addition to the Edmonton Insight Community surveys, the City of Edmonton uses a range of survey tools and approaches to gather input from Edmontonians. To view and complete these surveys as they appear please visit and bookmark: Edmonton.ca/Surveys

Upcoming Surveys in October:

• November Mixed Topic (Week of Nov 10th)

City of Edmonton | 3rd Floor, City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square NW | Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7 | support@edmontoninsightcommunity.ca

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